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Cancun taxi passenger killed and driver left shot during drive by

Cancun, Q.R. — Witnesses say an armed man on a motorcycle opened fire against a Cancun taxi that left one dead and another injured. On Thursday, a female taxi passenger was killed when a motorcycle paired up with the cab on Galaxias del Sol Street and began shooting at the slowing cab.

The woman’s body was found laying face down on the street outside the passenger’s side door. The taxi driver was found slumped to his side in the front. He was injured in the shooting and taken to hospital.

The shooting was reported to 911 by neighbors from the La Joya residential area of Cancun.

Neighbors who saw what happened said the motorcycle suddenly appeared and began shooting at the car. The woman tried to get out to dodge bullets while the driver attempted to duck down sideways among the front seats.

Both the driver and passenger were hit. Responding paramedics found the woman dead at the scene. The driver of the cab was taken to hospital by ambulance. It is not known who the intended target was.

Cancun Police made a short statement regarding the shooting saying “Two people were reported to the emergency number 911 injured by a firearm projectile in the supermanza 254 Galaxias del Sol street in the La Joya subdivision in Cancún.

“Elements of the Quintana Roo police confirmed the report, a woman no longer had vital signs at the scene and the driver of taxi #2180 was transferred to the general hospital for specialized medical care.”