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Cancun taxi drivers participate in national protest against digital ride services

Cancun, Q.R. — About 300 Andrés Quintana Roo taxi units from Cancun joined in the national protest against the operation of private digital rides services.

The protest took place throughout the country via the National Taxi Movement, where taxi drivers requested that private digital platform ride services such as Uber, not be permitted to operated.

“Today is a caravan in an orderly and organized way by us in which the National Taxi Movement requested the support of 28 states of the country where the platforms operate illegally,” said Nicolás Puerto Castillo, of the Trabajo del Sindicato de Taxistas.

He adds that the march is to pressure authorities to take digital platforms off the streets since not only do they not have a concessionaire, they do not have the necessary requirements of the mobility law.

He also says that as a union in Cancun, they have to pay up to 7,000 peso to comply with the new regulations, indicating that they were requested to renew the units with the necessary specifications, which they have done in about 1,200 cars.

He also says the private digital platforms do not have pay union fees or taxes.