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Cancun taxi drivers hold protest saying they are victims of organized crime

Cancun, Q.R. — Dozens of Cancun taxi drivers took to blocking the roadway into the Cancun Hotel Zone Tuesday afternoon claiming they are victims of extortion. The unionized taxi drivers used their units to partially block several of the roadways leading to Kukulkán Avenue around 2:30 p.m.

Outside their cars, they held signs claiming extortion by organized crime members. The taxi drivers also made claims of threats and violence they say they face on a daily basis and asked Governor Carols Joaquin for intervention.

The taxi drivers said authorities do nothing to protect them from extortion by organized crime, which they claimed, requires them to pay a fee to be able to operate in the Hotel Zone. They also said these criminals demand they hand over their taxis, which are then used to commit crimes.

As in their last organized road block, those involved claim it’s the Tourist Police agents who keep a list of the units that circulate in the area, the same list criminals use to know who to charge.

In response to the claims, Flor Ruiz Cosío, Secretary General of the CAncun City Council, said that there has not been a formal complaint filed against César Escamilla Pacheco, director of the Tourist Police, to whom taxi drivers point to for alleged acts of corruption.

Ruiz Cosio said that to clarify the situation, an investigation by Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Public Security will be carried out, and added that while speaking with the taxi drivers, he pointed out that an official cannot be separated from his position simply by claiming he is corrupt.

The only thing they have is what we have seen on social networks or on banners during demonstrations, he said.

“If we have solid indications that he is receiving money or if someone comes and reports that they gave him money, then he will be removed from the position while he is investigated.

“As long as we do not receive evidence, we will continue with the investigations until the corresponding instances are exhausted,” he explained reiterating that no one has approached neither the Prosecutor’s Office or the Comptroller’s Office to file a formal complaint against Escamilla Pacheco.