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Cancun taxi attack ends with dead motorcyclist

Cancun, Q.R. — An argument between a Cancun taxi driver and a motorcyclist led to tragedy Monday when the fleeing motorcyclist was killed after slamming into another vehicle. According to police reports, the accident happened on López Portillo Avenue where a taxi driver and a motorcyclist began to argue over a road conflict.

It was reported that the taxi driver got out of his unit with a bat and began to hit the motorcycle driver, which caused him to flee. While attempting to escape the enraged taxi driver, he ran into a public transport van.

The accident was called in to Emergency 911 where the intervention of the traffic authorities and an ambulance was requested with the report of an injured person.

Medical personnel from the responding ambulance were unable to do anything for the motorcycle driver since he was found without vital signs. The unidentified man was pronounced on scene.

The area was cordoned off by police while waiting for personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office to arrive for processing.

Witnesses were able to identify the number of the taxi unit involved in the incident, since the driver of the taxi did not stop at the scene.