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Cancun stabbing victim gets attackers arrested before ambulance arrives

Cancun, Q.R. — Two subjects were arrested in Cancun Sunday afternoon for the crime of assault after stabbing a man with a knife. The incident happened in Region 240 of Cancun when 30-year-old Tomás Enrique N reported being stabbed by the two men.

Agents of the Municipal Police happened to be nearby on a routine patrol when, they reported that at 4:10 p.m., they saw an injured man laying on the sidewalk and two subjects running away at the sight of police. They say one of the men was running with a knife in his hand.

Although the pair attempted to flee, police quickly tracked down and apprehended both men.

A woman, who was with the man at the time of the stabbing, was able to help identify the attackers before accompanying the man to hospital for treatment. He was transferred to the General Hospital of Cancun by ambulance.

Police say arrested were 24-year-old Jonathan R from Chiapas and 36-year-old Michel Jerry G.M. from Mérida. Michel Jerry was found carrying the knife allegedly used to stab his victim.