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Cancun police take down human trafficking ring

Cancun, Q.R. — Ministerial Police and prosecutors of the Public Ministry have arrested two men and one woman for human trafficking at a Cancun motel.

The arrests were made after an operation was derived from a citizen complaint Wednesday. Police raided Motel Kuiki in region 239 of Cancun and found two female victims, one of which was 14 years old. News of the arrests were made during a press conference by la Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE).

The three people arrested have been identified as Luis N, Pedro N and Claudia N.

During their investigation, police established that Luis N transferred two women, one of them being the minor, via a taxi with the purpose of providing sexual services. Ministerial police observed that a teenager got out of the taxi and walked to the motel, while the driver of the taxi waited.

When investigating Luis N, the taxi driver, he said he was waiting for the minor who was performing a “sexual service” inside the motel, which was when police raided the motel and rescued the teen. Police have since learned that Luis N has webpages and a WhatsApp group aimed at advertising these services to minors.

The Quintana Roo prosecutor confirmed that they will proceed to remove his concession from the Andrés Quintana Roo taxi driver’s union since the unit was being used for illicit activities.

Two motel employees, Pedro N and Claudia N, were also taken into custody for investigation into their involvement.

“Two of them are employees from the motel. They allowed the minor to physically register,” said Oscar Montes de Oca.

“There are more groups dedicated to this activity. We are advancing in the investigation. We will continue fighting this crime, even more so when the victims are minors. Now, we are investigating three criminal groups dedicated to this matter,” he added.

The Kuiki Motel has been seized by the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo. This is the second case of human trafficking in the region this year.