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Cancun police officers demonstrate for improved working conditions

Cancun, Q.R. — Dozens of Cancun police officers demonstrated Sunday for improved working conditions and better pay. The officers walked city streets where they met at City Hall. The group of officers are from the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security of Benito Juárez.

They began their peaceful Sunday demonstration on Tulum Avenue where, with banners in hand, they walked toward the Municipal Palace. Once there, some of the officers with more than 20 years of service voiced their complaints.

“We are 80 police officers in service who are asking for improvements. These requests are not new. We have made them before, but they seem like dead letters,” one officer shouted during the officer’s rally.

The demonstration outside City facilities latest nearly two hours. The protesting officers walked with handmade banners that read “Walk for police dignity” and “We remind you of the 2021 initiative” aimed at government officials.

The Cancun officers were asking for better pay and improved working conditions including a retirement settlement.