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Cancun police locate house, vehicle believe used by criminal group in death of seven

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun say they have identified the house and vehicle used in the slaying of seven at a private residence earlier this week.

After a series of investigations, Cancun police have located a house they say was used by members of a criminal group who are possibly responsible for the seven deaths. At the home, police also found what they believe was the vehicle used in the killings.

The home, which is located in SM 527, remains under heavy guard while the vehicle was seized by the State Attorney General’s Office. Initially, the truck was seen on video surveillance but was later found at the house.

Official red tape from the State Attorney General’s Office ensure the house remains sealed while they investigate.

It is believe that the house was occupied by members of a criminal group who allegedly participated in the attack that took place January 20 at a home in Supermanzana 219 where seven people lost their lives.

Although they believe they have found the house and vehicle, there were no additional arrests. Police still have one man, who was injured in the attack, in custody.