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Cancun police free man in midst of kidnapping attempt

Cancun, Q.R. — Patrolling police officers in Region 68 of Cancun are responsible for the rescue of a man who was in the midst of being kidnapped. The incident occurred after a neighbor called Emergency 911, reporting the attempted kidnapping in progress at an ambulance station.

Police were quick to respond to the report, making their way to the area where another man flagged them down explaining that a coworker had been kidnapped at gun point. Police were successful at intervening. The trio were taken into custody and the fourth man, a paramedic, freed.

Police say they have detained three young males, one of which is 23-year-old Erik N from Quintana Roo, 24-year-old Andy N from Sinaloa and 24-year-old Johan N from Coahuila. The three youths were arrested and their two 9mm weapons, ammo and the gray car in which they arrived, seized.