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Cancun passenger killed in targeted car shooting

Cancun, Q.R. — A hit on a Cancun car passenger left one dead and another hospitalized. Early Sunday, Cancun police responded to reports of a car being shot at in SM 96.

According to the survivor, it was around 3:00 a.m. when men intercepted the car he was driving and opened fire then fled, leaving behind one dead identified as 33-year-old Limberth “N”, a hotel waiter from Yucatan and bar ticket seller, 21-year-old José Alejandro “N” from Venezuela, who was wounded.

Both men worked at establishments in the Cancun Hotel Zone. In a hospital interview with the surviving man, police were told that a female bar client, her husband and two male friends asked him to drive them home in their vehicle since they had been drinking.

While parking their car outside their house, a second vehicle arrived and intercepted the car. A lone person dressed as a clown got out and approached the passenger’s side window and began shooting.

The front seat passenger, the husband of the woman who asked for the driving favor, was killed. During the targeted attack, one of the bullets hit José Alejandro “N”. Police collected nine shell casings from the scene.