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Cancun motels warned about failing to report suspicious activity involving minors

Cancun, Q.R. — In a public address, the State Attorney General sent a warning to motels who allow sexual exploitation inside their establishments. During his address, the Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca Rosale reminded businesses that they have a legal obligation to inform authorities “in detecting the suspicious presence of minors,” who arrive at these establishments either alone or in the company of an adult.

His warning was made after a minor female was removed from a Cancun motel last week and several adults charged for sexual exploitation. He said one of those arrested from the Cancun motel was found with child pornography on his cell phone.

Montes de Oca pointed out that in this particular case, it is believed that the exploitation ring is being headed by one individual who has already been charged and jailed. It is a person, he said, who is currently imprisoned, but runs the network from inside.

During his Cancun address, he stressed that staff at these motels are obligated to report suspicious activity, otherwise the business can be seized. From there, a trial could lead to the loss of all property rights for the owner.