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Cancun man arrested for public disorder after refusing to leave beach with his dog

Cancun, Q.R. — A resident of Cancun was arrested from a beach after he was reported for taking his dog. Beachgoers who happened to be at the site videoed the arrest.

Although the arrest happened over the weekend, it wasn’t until Tuesday that Cancun authorities confirmed the man’s detainment, saying that he was arrested after he was asked to leave, but refused.

On the viral video, the man was detained by Cancun officers after he refused to leave the beach for violating city bylaws by having his dog with him. The unnamed man was reported for having his dog on a Cancun beach where pets are prohibited.

When he refused to leave, an on-scene police woman confirmed to onlookers that the man was being arrested for disturbing the peace after responding aggressively to agents.

His arrest happened after the man was told by an on-duty lifeguard that dogs were not allowed on the beach. When the man ignored the lifeguard’s request to remove the animal, police were called.

Dogs are only allowed on one beach in Cancun, which is Playa Coral, also known as El Mirador II, at the end of the Cancun Hotel Zone. It is the only beach in the city designated to pets.