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Cancun judge temporarily suspends Pok Ta Pok construction

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun Hotel Zone projects in Pok Ta Pok have been put on hold temporarily by a legal judgement. On Tuesday, the Second District Court granted a Provisional Suspension derived from an Amparo to stop the construction, expansion or building licenses in Pok Ta Pok.

The federal judge ordered the temporary suspension after an appeal filed by a group of Pok Ta Pok residents, advised by the Opus Magnum Association of Mexico.

Through a statement, Opus Magnum de Mexico indicated that the Amparo appeal was filed on November 9 before the Second District Court. The judge provisionally suspended the issuance of construction or expansion licenses within the Pok Ta Pok industrial estate, as well as activities related to civil projects.

This new PDU, approved by the City Council at the end of Lourdes Cardona Musa’s interim term, authorized a density of 30 homes per hectare in this sector, which, according to this association, would be equivalent to 1,600 additional homes, or a density increase of 300 percent.

Said PDU “does not establish a viable mobility plan and does not have a scheme for vehicular traffic or urban transportation,” Flor Tapia, President of the Association said adding that the change would depreciate the value of properties in this area of the city in addition to creating problems in the supply of public services.