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Cancun judge hands down three sentences for murder of Isla Mujeres police officer

Cancun, Q.R. — The State Attorney General’s Office announced that after an oral trial hearing, a man accused of killing an Isla Mujeres municipal police officer was sentenced to 50 years. On Thursday, a Cancun judge sentenced David “N” to 50 years in prison for qualified homicide, the equivalent of first degree murder.

The same judge also sentenced his two accompliaces, Rogelio “N” and Israel “N”, each to 25 years for their participation in the crime of qualified homicide.

According to Article 315 of Mexico’s Federal Penal Code, a homicide is deemed qualified if it was premeditated (intentional) and the perpetrator had an “advantage” over the victim before they died.

The three men were prosecuted for the murder that occurred on April 9, 2019, when the three subjects were driving a car on José López Portillo Avenue in SM 85 in the Puerto Juárez neighborhood of Isla Mujeres.

The Isla Mujeres officer was shot to death in broad daylight while standing on a sidewalk. Photos: April 9, 2019.

“In a moment, they stopped the vehicle from which David “N” got out to go to the sidewalk where the uniformed Public Security element was located. He positioned himself behind the victim and took out a firearm with which he shot him several times, depriving him of his life,” the FGE detailed in a statement.

“After this, the subject ran down the sidewalk until he reached the vehicle where his accomplices were waiting for him to flee the scene,” the agency added.