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Cancun high schools step up student security

Cancun, Q.R. — Public high schools in Cancun have begun been implementing new techniques and strategies to improve security measures on and off campus. The first two Cancun schools to do so are CONALEP III High School and CECYTE III, both of which are reinforcing student and teacher security.

Teachers and administrative staff of CONALEP III have created a private WhatsApp group to keep track of students who are not at home and do not show up for classes. CONALEP III will also refuse school entry to anyone not in possession of a badge pass, including parents, who must wait for their children outside the property.

At CECYTE III, the school has installed fingerprint readers. The fingerprints of each student has already been taken and registered in a database to ensure non-registered students cannot enter. Students will pass through the metal roll-bars, passing their fingers over the scanner. Non-registered students attempting to enter will be greeted with a locked bar pass.

The campus is also outfitted with 30 security cameras installed on the outskirts of the high school as well as in strategic points inside, including outside the bathrooms and in the hallways, stairs, laboratories and even warehouses where cleaning products are stored.

The new moves for the two popular Cancun high schools comes at a time when many question student safety in the city. Public Safety of Cancun is also working with the students through talks and workshops about security and safety practices though a Youth Patrol Program.