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Cancun firemen removed 10 kilo beehive that chased workers from building

Cancun, Q.R. — Workers who arrived to tend to an abandoned building in Cancun were greeted with a large beehive that quickly drove them from the site.

A group of workmen who were sent to the building on Tulum Avenue found themselves face-to-face with a beehive that had been left undisturbed for years. Their presence in the building had bees swarming in full attack, causing the workmen to run down the street.

A video taken by a local shows one of the workers fleeing the area, running through traffic to get away.

Firemen from the H. Cuerpo de Bomberos de Cancun station were called to deal with the nest, which was so large, the entire street was closed for two hours while they dealt with the problem.

Aquileo Cervantes, operational director of the corporation, explained that they dressed in protective equipment and began to break open the ceiling where the bees had built their hive.

He said it was very large and took hours for the bees to calm down before they could get into the area again. He says once in, firemen removed 10 kilos of beehives and exterminated bees.

Paramedics from the Red Cross also arrived to tend to at least four of the workmen who were stung.

Cervantes says on average, they receive eight calls a month due to wasp and bees problems.