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Cancun extends breathalyzer program to six days per week

Cancún, Q.R. — Due to the success of the weekend breathalyzer program around the city of Cancun, the head of transit has announced the program has been extended to six days per week.

Head of the Municipal Transit Office Jesús Ángel Salas Cruz, says that the breathalyzer roadside program Drive Without Alcohol, now operates every day in the municipality except Thursdays. He says the extension of the program is an effective way of removing drivers from the roads who over-drink during the weekdays, rather than on weekends.

He also says that there are more supervisors at each breathalyzer site to ensure processes are done according to law.

“The boys are more supervised by personnel of the Comptroller,” he said explaining that this type of operation is delicate because they have to deal with detained people under the influence of alcohol.

“They’re aggressive and they threaten to kill everyone. They say they’re going to run around the world and they’re going to upload it to social networks. That’s what always happens. Now a Comptroller is present,” he said.

“Weekend breathalyzers are a fact, and now we have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday where people were not used to being tested on those days. Some people get upset and question why we are doing it on a Monday,” he said adding that authorities must create the check stops when they feel it’s necessary.

The surprise has been that on weekends for example, they send between 15 or 20 people to the Torito, but during the week, they have caught up to 40 people intoxicated at the wheel on a Monday or Tuesday.

He says since they have extended the program, the amount of women being arrested for driving under the influence has increased. According to la Dirección de Tránsito, their last statistics resulted in the Policía Quintana Roo de Benito Juárez pulling over 769 vehicles.

Of those pulled over between Wednesday and Sunday, 300 breath tests were conducted resulting in 72 being deemed over the limited and arrested.