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Cancun driver shoots windshield of truck in fit of road rage after being hit in collision

Cancun, Q.R. — A man was transferred to Cancun hospital Monday after being hit by a bullet after a collision. The accident happened in the city’s subdivision of Ciudad Natura when a construction work vehicle collided with a private car.

In what appears to be an extreme fit of road rage, the driver of the hit car in turn shot at the driver of the construction truck, injuring him. That person then fled the scene. The driver of the truck was transferred to hospital where he is reported to have later died.

Police responded to the report of the 10:00 a.m. incident in SM 260, arriving to find the truck with a bullet hole in its windshield but no second vehicle. The only sign left behind was the car’s front bumper.

Witnesses from a nearby convenience store told police the two had a heated exchange of words before at least three shots were fired. The driver of the truck was shot while outside his vehicle. The gunman then took aim at the vehicle when the driver attempted to take cover inside.