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Cancun driver drowns after gondola falls into artificial pit

Cancun, Q. R. — The driver of an industrial truck died by drowning Wednesday in an artificial pit. His gondola was being loaded with loose material by a large backhoe when the weight of the load caused the vehicle to shift, falling into the water.

The accident happened in an excavation pit outside the city of Cancun Wednesday afternoon. The unstable truck sank to the bottom of the 7-meter deep artificial pit, taking its driver with it. By the time emergency services arrived and located the truck, the driver had drowned.

Cancun firemen were requested at the scene with a specialized dive team to locate the truck and driver in the murky water. An ambulance was called while divers searched the pit for the truck.

The driver, Ricardo “G”, was found still inside his unit. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the site. There is no word on possible charges.