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Cancun company truck totaled after slamming headlong into pole

Cancun, Q.R. — A company van that crashed headlong into a metal pole in Cancun left three in need of medical attention. Authorities responded to the Monday afternoon accident along Colosio Boulevard.

When they arrived, they found the engine of the Chevy Silverado crushed inward from the high impact against the pole’s concrete base. The truck and pole met in the center median of the roadway.

Paramedics treated the 23-year-old driver, Carlos N and his companions, Juan N and Cristian N, both 25, on scene. Paramedics did not determine a need for a hospital transfer.

Traffic authorities arrived to deal with the situation that involved traffic redirection around the scene, the arrival of a tow truck, as well as waiting the arrival of city personnel regarding the damaged light pole.