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Cancun companies linked to the city’s C5 Center continue to increase in numbers

Cancun, Q.R. — Nearly 100 businesses in Cancun are linked with the city’s C5 security centre. The voluntary connection links Cancun companies with the city through their own video surveillance cameras.

César León Dominguez, who heads the C5 Centre in Cancun, says these connected businesses are in addition to the more than 1,500 cameras installed around the city. He says “convincing” Cancun businesses to install their own video surveillance has been a “complicated process” since many are concerned about privacy violations.

“We offer them certainty that the information we are going to have will be fully protected by us,” he said referring to the privacy concerns of some who worry the recorded information could be misused.

The 100 Cancun companies that have made the installation join the 1,514 city surveillance cameras, which has positively increased security measures. A majority of those Cancun companies, he noted, are hotels.

Dominguez said that around the state, there are 2,239 installed cameras for research and monitoring. Most of those cameras are placed in high traffic areas such as beaches and shopping malls. He says the cameras have proven to be very useful.