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Cancun combi driver recorded intoxicated behind wheel

Cancun, Q.R. — A public transport user in the city of Cancun has filed a complaint against the driver of a public TTE combi after realizing the driver of the unit was intoxicated.

The passenger, who chose to remain anonymous, said he were using the combi service along Route 87 when he noticed something was not right with the driver. Opting to get out and hail another combi, the passenger took photos of the driver before leaving his unit.

The complaint was made with Transporte Terrestre del Estado (TTE) against the driver, who is a member of the Andrés Quintana Roo taxi union. The passenger said the driver was in an apparent state of intoxication, either by drugs or alcohol. He was driving the unit out of uniform and with headphones in one ear.

“For them to see the unit, the type of people they are does not even describe it. To see the type of service provided by TTE, a driver with pure marijuana and pure drug addiction,” said the passenger who recorded the driver after getting out.

Members of the union arrived to secure the driver of the unit and move the combi to the guild’s premises.