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Cancun city council says 15 real estate developments permanently shut down

Cancun, Q.R. — City council of Cancun says 15 high-value real estate developments in the airport region have been permanently shut down.

Hugo Alday Nieto, technical secretary for Cancun City Council says there are 15 high-value real estate developments in the area near the airport, which the Municipality of Benito Juárez have permanently closed. He says that the developments may even be ordered demolished for obstructing operations of the air terminal, something that will be determined after trials.

“Right now they are in administrative judgment. It could be the federal or state authority that requests the buildings be demolished because those houses should not be there. They knew perfectly well that there are specific plans for that area, and if you are a developer you know that you cannot build a house attached to the airport.

“I hope that the trial will prove us right and if someone authorized them to build, they will have the right to claim that someone,” said Alday Nieto. He says so far, 11 or 12 of the projects have gone to legal procedure adding, “All the Amparos presented to prevent closures were dismissed by a federal judge. I have no knowledge of anything more since notifications are directed toward Urban Development since they are the closing authority.”

Alday Nieto stated that they are still waiting for Ejido representatives to be appointed so that more meetings can be held in search of agreements.

“From the last press conference made by the Bonfil authorities of the commissioner, there is an internal conflict that they have to resolve before we know who we are going to sign agreements with,” he explained.