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Canadian formally charged in murder of Tulum police officer

Tulum, Q.R. — A Canadian man has been formally charged with the death of a Tulum police officer. On Tuesday, the FGE reported on the official charges laid against Canadian Patrick “C” “for his probable participation in the crimes of qualified homicide against a municipal police officer and attempted homicide against eight more agents.”

The Tulum officer died on October 31, 2022, after being shot. According to the FGE, the incident happened “on the highway to the town of Francisco Uh May in the municipality of Tulum where Patrick “C”, who was driving an ATV, threatened two people with a firearm who were traveling in a van whom he persecutes while making several detonations, until they reached a piece of land where they worked.

“In the place, he points the shotgun at the crew members of the truck, and in addition to hitting one of them, he steals their cell phones,” before leaving the area.

“On his way, Patrick “C” assaults other people. It is then that two municipal police officers arrive on board a patrol. When approaching the attacker, he opened fire and shot Agent Cristóbal “V” in the face and neck, for which he lost his life. He continued to detonate his weapon, to later barricade himself in a cabin.

“When more security elements arrived at the scene, they proceeded to ask the subject to come out, but he continued shooting and sets the cabin on fire. That’s when they managed to stop him,” the FGE explained.