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Campos to cancel permits for LP gas company line installation

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city of Playa del Carmen is in the first stages of canceling the licenses granted to company Gas Natural del Noroeste SA de CV. Mayor Lili Campos says the process to cancel their permits has been started due to the condition of city streets.

Campos explained that given the neglect of the company, the work project itself has already been suspended. “The municipal government has already closed the project and is getting ready to revoke the four licenses that were extended to it during the past administration,” she said.

On Monday, Campos warned that the company’s “four licenses will be canceled to prevent it from continuing with the destruction of streets and avenues of Playa del Carmen.”

During her press conference, she acknowledged the terrible conditions in which the introduction of natural gas pipes is leaving streets, a situation that has caused both anger and concern for residents.

Campos said that for this reason, they will proceed to remove machinery along the federal highway and surrounding streets because “in the end, they do not make advancements, all they do is create damage” adding that “they do not show will” to repair their disaster.

She explained that there have been several meetings with company officials from Gas Natural del Noroeste SA de CV, which has included Fonatur personnel, in which the gas company was required to carry out the pertinent repairs.

“They promised to carry out the repairs as soon as possible, but with the argument of the rain, of any other justification, they simply did not advance,” she said.

She emphasized that “Solidaridad deserves respect, and as a municipality, we are no longer going to give them authorization to continue with the work because the impact is too great.”

She also said she regretted that “they were opening more sections of Playa del Carmen streets at the height of the Chevrolet automotive agency,” which is why we have decided to take forceful measures.

The four licenses being revoked, which were granted by Laura Beristain from the previous administration, include “two that had been carried out during work to the Fifth Avenue, in the remodeling, they introduced pipes and left them ready to provide a future service in that area,” Campos said pointing out that the lines of Fifth Avenue are not interconnected with those of the federal highway.