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British woman landing from Amsterdam arrested by federal authorities at Cancun International on smuggling charges

Cancun, Q.R. — A British woman has been taken into federal custody after she was found smuggling cocaine into the country. The arrest of the unidentified woman happened Sunday in Terminal 2 of the Cancun International Airport.

The National Customs Agency of Mexico and elements of the National Guard made the find during an x-ray inspection of her luggage. When passed through, authorities noticed a false bottom with contents.

Nine plastic bags and several bottles of cocaine were found in her luggage. Photo: Guardia Nacional

A review by the airport’s narcotics dog marked her bag positive. A physical inspection of her suitcase revealed the drugs. Federal airport officials reported finding nine clear plastic packages of the powdered drug along with several bottles, totaling approximately 10 kilos.

The woman, who had landed in Cancun from an Amsterdam flight, was taken into federal custody for, according to the Guardia Nacional in a statement, “intending to enter the national territory with the illicit substance.”