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Body of missing Playa del Carmen police inspector found in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo reports the discovery of the body of missing Playa del Carmen police inspector, José Antonio Archi Yama.

La Fiscalía General del Estado de Quintana Roo reports that his body was found early Sunday morning through an Emergency 911 call where the finding a male person was reported in Prolongación La Luna in SM 314 of Cancun.

The day before, a video of the inspector was circulated on social media in which Archi Yama indicates that he was captured for having arrested a member of their gang. His body was found the next morning.

After the finding of Archi Yama, Quintana Roo governor Carlos Joaquín reiterated that they will continue the fight against organized crime. He said that the murder Archi Yama was a cowardly act by criminals which was due to the fact that he has made important detentions and assurances throughout the state of Quintana Roo.

“Recent arrests and seizures have caused severe damage and losses to criminal groups,” said Carlos Joaquín. “The murder of state policeman José Antonio Archi Yama is an infamous action, a cowardly act by criminals which we strongly condemn,” he added.

“We reiterate the conviction of maintaining the frontal fight against organized crime. We will not stop and we will continue fighting and closing the way to these criminals.

“In previous administrations, there were not only political favors, but collusion of politicians and criminals to form alliances in a perverse game where criminals destabilize the government to generate animosity and facilitate access to the power of the associated political group. We will not allow more corruption,” he said.

Inspector José Antonio Archi Yama was reported missing September 19 by his family after he failed to return home to Cancun after a work shift in Playa del Carmen. The body of Archi Yama was flown to Chetumal where a funeral service was held Sunday afternoon.