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Boat mooring ropes removed from Puerto Morelos beaches

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The government of Puerto Morelos has installed anchorages for smaller vessels along the town’s beach areas.

The installation is part of the town’s plan to improve its image as well as increase safety for beachgoers. The removal of the old mooring ropes will also help in beach cleaning efforts since they interfered with the passage of the beach sweeper.

Municipal president Laura Fernández Piña says the beach mooring ropes for boats that were found in Ventana al Mar and other public places, will be replaced with proper anchorages.

“This was an agreement that we reached with city council, the Harbor Master’s Office and the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas as well as fishermen, water service providers and the cooperatives themselves, to improve the image of our destination,” said Laura Fernández.

The mayor said that the municipal government will continue coordinating efforts with the state and the federation to keep Puerto Morelos as a world-class destination, which offers high quality standards in all areas.

The director of Projects for the municipality, Luis Cardeña Peña, explained that the so-called rejeras (ropes to tie the boats) prevented passage of the sweeper, and their removal will make beach cleaning more efficient.

“We have already installed more than 30 anchors with a cement structure and their respective buoy, at a distance of three to four meters from where the wave breaks and at a depth of approximately one meter in an effort to benefit Puerto Morelos as a world-class destination, which recently launched its first Blue Flag on Ventana al Mar”, the official explained.