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Belize police officer one of five arrested for transporting drugs

Corozal, Belize — A police officer from Corozal, Belize was arrested along with four others for the crime of drug trafficking after authorities found 10.5 kilograms of marijuana in the vehicle in which they were traveling.

According to reports, police officers from Corozal intercepted a silver Honda along the Philip Goldson highway within the Corozal district. Five people were identified inside the vehicle, one of which was Stephanie P, an active agent of the Corozal police.

During the inspection of the vehicle, 10 packages of cannabis were found wrapped in black garbage bags in the trunk of the car. Also arrested was Leidi H., Alexia B., Ann Marie B and a 16-year-old minor.

The drugs were seized and the detainees transferred to the corresponding authorities. The town of Corozal is located nine miles from the border of Mexico.