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Bad semi driver takes out three Playa del Carmen city poles on corner

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The driver of a company semi took out three poles and a traffic light while trying to make a city corner. The accident happened along 115th Avenue when the wheels of the semi went up onto the sidewalk.

A total of four poles were knocked down in the driver’s attempt to make the turn at the intersection of Constituciónntes Avenue.

According to witnesses, the driver of the heavy vehicle was advancing along the so-called Arco Vial, but when trying to turn, he ended up climbing onto the sidewalk where the traffic light and power poles were installed.

All four poles were completely destroyed after being felled and ran over. City Transit Police were sent to deal with the clogged up traffic while a tow truck came to remove the vehicle to the corral.

There was no word on a cost to city damage.