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Authorities suspend City of Cozumel baseball field project for lack of permits

Cozumel, Q.R. — A remodeling project of the Cozumel baseball field was suspended by Civil Protection for lack of permits. The reconstruction of the Javier Rojo Gómez baseball field began earlier this year after it sat abandoned for four years when a section of roof collapsed.

However, this week, personnel from the municipal Civil Protection Directorate suspended it for lacking permits and for also failing to meet minimum security requirements. Workers on the project also demolished a perimeter fence in error.

The field was shut down four years ago during the Perla Tun administration after a section of roof fell through due to lack of maintenance. This year, the Ministry of Public Works (SEOP) of the State Government planned its reconstruction, which began a few days ago.

However, on Monday, in an apparent error by the crane operator, the stands and about 30 meters of perimeter fence was knocked down, which caught the attention of Civil Protection inspectors.

Paúl Quintero Marí, director of Cozumel Civil Protection pointed out that as soon as they received the report of the demolition of the fence, inspectors arrived to cordon off the area, as well as place safety cones to prevent pedestrians and cars from passing, something that the contractor company had failed to do.

Mari said that while on site, workers were seen without vests, helmets, face masks, gloves or boots. The project itself, he said, also lacked consent or municipal permits. The rehabilitation of the baseball field has an approximate cost of four million peso.