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Authorities check for damage after freak hail storm hits southern Quintana Roo

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Personnel from the Federal Electricity Commission and Municipal Civil Protection were on site to verify damage after a freak hail storm Monday.

On Monday, residents of the southern region of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, which is located southwest of Tulum, were surprised when hail began hitting the ground. The hail, along with heavy rain and strong winds, caused some damage to the area’s CFE electric lines, forcing the company to temporarily cut power.

Luis Pérez Maldonado, director of Municipal Civil Protection, confirmed their visit and the discovery of some damage from the unusual storm. On Monday night, the communities of Señor and Tihosuco were hit by the surprise hailstorm, which arose prior to the entry of Cold Front 35.

Señor mayor Eugenio Canté Balam, said the storm lasted around 30 minutes, during which time, some residents were collecting the small balls of ice. He noted that it has been nearly 40 years since they have seen hail fall in that part of the state.