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Assumed drug plane forced from Mexican territory, lands in Belize

Chetumal, Q.R. — Elements of the Mexican Army were successful in preventing what was believed to be a drug plane from landing in Mexican territory Monday. The plane was detected around 2:00 a.m., forcing its pilot to land along the border in Belize.

According to the Secretariat of National Defense, their Comprehensive Air Surveillance System detected an illicit aircraft in Mexican airspace coming from South America for which Mexican Air Force aircraft were deployed.

After being detected, the pilot carried forward across the border. Belize authorities found the downed plane near the village of Santa Marta. At the time of location, officials say the aircraft had already been emptied of its cargo and crew.

According to Belizean media, the plane landed during the early morning hours in the vicinity of the country’s old Northern Highway near the border with Mexico. When the police finally located it, it was void of cargo or people.