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Arrest made after 49 people held against their will rescued from Cancun hotel

Cancun, Q.R. — Authorities in Cancun have released official information regarding the rescue of illegal people from inside a Cancun hotel. The group were rescued from inside the hotel August 3 during an operation after reportedly being held against their will.

At least three patrol units were seen parked outside the Cancun hotel on José López Portillo Avenue during the rescue operation. On Monday, Cancun authorities reported 49 people were found inside the hotel.

According to the State Attorney General during his Monday press conference, what they have named “The Jaguar Operational Group” deployed a reaction plan at the Azteca Hotel in SM 68 of Cancun to rescue 49 people. Those rescued were of Chinese, Indian and Honduran origin.

A total of 49 illegal people were located inside a Cancun hotel being held against their will. Photo: FGE August 3, 2023.

During their operation, 52 packages of cocaine were seized from inside the hotel. One person, 25-year-old Jesús Adonaid “N”, was arrested for his involvement in the illegal holding of the 49 migrants as well as drug related charges.

Details as to how the 49 arrived in Mexico or ended up in the Cancun hotel were not provided by authorities.