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Archaeologists continue with finds along southern Maya Train route

Maya Train, Mexico — Terrain studies continue to be carried out in the southern region of the upcoming Maya Train due to continued archaeological finds. Fonatur says that due to the historical and archaeological heritage of the southern region, developers of the Maya Train are studying the terrain to protect the cultural heritage.

The latest find, the agency details, is that of a 33-kilometer-long white road near Cacalchén cavern. It is believed the road and cavern were used by ancient Mayans. The cavern is currently being studied with the help of geospatial topology technology to create a 3D model.

Fonatur reports that in the area, archaeologists have also found bone material, flint knives, ribbons, spearheads and complete ceramic pieces, all of which will be transferred to laboratories for their restoration. So far, 16,572 pieces have been located along areas of the upcoming Maya Train project.