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Another 36 plots of land between Cancun and Tulum to be expropriated for Maya Train construction

Mexico City, Mexico — The Government of Mexico has issued another decree that will see it reclaim 36 more Quintana Roo properties. The Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) explained that the decree, which was published August 1 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, is for the expropriation of 36 properties located in the municipalities of Benito Juárez, Puerto Morelos, Solidaridad and Tulum and are “for reasons of public utility.”

On Monday, the decree detailed the expropriation of 1,093,118.93 square meters or roughly 109 hectares of private land. According to the decree, the land will be used for the construction of section 5 north and south subsections of the Maya Train.

“The expropriation includes the buildings and facilities that are on the land itself and that are part of it,” the decree read and added “the interposition of any means of defense will not suspend the occupation”. Parties will have 10 business days following notification to resort to a judicial proceeding “for the sole purpose of contesting the amount of compensation.”

The decree also detailed that 29 of those 36 properties are located in the municipality of Solidaridad. In late July, the Government of Mexico announced eight plots of private land that were earmarked for expropriation between Cancun and Tulum.