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Animals inside recently shut Playa del Carmen establishment being cared for

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Animals that were inside a recently seized business in central Playa del Carmen are being cared for. The FGE has granted access to its owner for the removal of the animals from the Fifth Avenue location.

The owner was granted access to Animalandia Tuesday night after the double zoo/restaurant establishment was shut down on drug stashing allegations. Prior to their removal, Gabriel Mendicuti Loría of the Environment Commission, confirmed that authorities did allow the owner access to feed them.

She said that while members of the building commission will come to verify any remaining animals, she clarified that they do not have any authority over the matter since it is a criminal investigation.

On Sunday, authorities closed both the animal display and its attached restaurant after a complaint was made regarding drug sales. One person was arrested from the site who told police that he, among others, had a deal with the owner to keep the narcotics they had for sale on site.