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Angry Home Depot workers protest outside Cancun store

Cancun, Q.R. — A large group of Cancun Home Depot workers protested outside their place of work Saturday demanding their labor rights be respected.

The group of unionized CROC workers held signs outside the Cancun store on Rojo Gómez Kabah Avenue. They protested having to work more than nine hours without additional pay and demanded Home Depot recognize their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCT).

Other onsite protesters claimed workplace harassment, demanding justice.

CROC Union leader Julio Ávila Guzmán said that the Home Depot administration was violating the labor rights of workers and refuses to recognize the benefits established in the contract.

He also said that the company began a campaign that employees are finding harassing to discourage workers from participating in the annual CCT review as established by the Federal Labor Law (LFT) to avoid a salary increase.

“The company harasses workers so that they do not participate in the CCT review process, where the salary increase and social benefits are negotiated,” he said adding that Home Depot workers in Playa del Carmen are paid more than their Cancun counterparts, something else he says, they will discuss with the Cancun branch.

“This is one of the first demonstrations, but if they continue in the refusal to recognize the CCT, we will radicalize our protest actions,” he said.

More than 100 unionized workers protested outside the main entrance of the Home Depot store Saturday.