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AMLO verifies continued Sac-Tun extraction with weekend flyover

Mexico City, Mexico — “It is daring to make fun of the authorities of our country,” López Obrador said during his Monday morning press conference. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made the comment after a weekend flyover of Playa del Carmen where, from the air, he reported seeing Sac-Tun excavating.

After returning to Mexico City, the President said that he will proceed legally against the mining company because they “deceived” him and continue to extract material. During the morning press conference, AMLO showed video, which he said was recorded April 29 of the company extracting and loading raw material.

“It is unprecedented destruction of the territory and they continue to do it. I was just there for the weekend and they deceived me saying they were no longer extracting material. I was passing by, flying over (…) I passed, perhaps they did not know and I flew over and realized that they are working with everything, extracting material and I saw how they were loading a ship,” he said from the National Palace Monday.

“I have instructed the secretary (María Luisa Albores) to proceed legally immediately because there is a violation of the laws and it is a tremendous destruction of the environment. In addition, it is daring to make fun of the authorities of our country,” he continued.

AMLO said he was informed about the work by the mining company in secret and that he flew over the area on Friday to confirm the reports. “I didn’t believe it when they told me,” he said.

“I thought that while we were talking about the permit being given for an ecological tourism development, they were going to stop.”

Just last week, his government announced an agreement between Mexico and the American-based company Vulcan Materials, to transform the land into a tourist project that has been proposed to include a cruise port and Maya Train station.