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AMLO says he will fly over Maya Train project every two months to ensure no delays

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that he will supervise the progress of the Maya Train project every two months in order for it to continue without delay.

He clarified his intentions to review the work every two months after his weekend flyovers in the southern regions. Mexico’s president says that “there is no opposition” to the construction of the Maya Train but, on the contrary, the people of the southeastern region of the country are comfortable with the project.

“We dedicated the weekend to covering the entire route, the route of the Maya Train. I will do it every two months because we have to inaugurate this project at the end of 2023,” he explained.

López Obrador reported that businessman Carlos Slim accompanied him to travel the section that corresponds to Campeche. He said that they spoke about the release of the right of way, the kilometers with embankment, the arrival of the ballast and logistics, among other topics, affirming that only public budget was used for construction and denied any type of debt contracting.

“All this work is from the people of Mexico. There is no debt contracting, companies are contracted, but there is no public-private partnership. It is financing from the public budget. They are not concessions. Everything remains as part of the national heritage,” he elaborated.

AMLO explained that the evaluation from Campeche to Mérida was made on Saturday, and that same day, the fourth section from Mérida to Cancun was also evaluated.

He also mentioned that on Sunday, he flew from Cancun to Tulum where they reviewed the 1,200 hectares of land on which the Tulum airport will be built in order to boost tourism and serve that area.