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AMLO reports SAT focusing on 20 companies that owe around 100 billion in taxes

Mexico City, Mexico — President López Obrador says Mexico is going after “large taxpayers” after revealing the country is owed more than a 100 billion peso. On Wednesday, AMLO reported the outstanding figure is owed by around 20 large businesses, both national and foreign.

He said that Mexico’s Tax Administration Service (SAT) will focus on those companies who owe money to the country since not paying taxes is fraud and punishable by jail time.

He also clarified that Mexico has healthy public finances for its development, but stressed that national and foreign companies owe the country around 100 billion in taxes. He says some of those companies are resisting payment since, for a long time, they had (fiscal) tax privileges.

“There are those who do not accept the new reality and think that with legal arguments, Amparos and other tricks, they will be able to prevent payment. No. I advise them to pay because tax fraud is criminal in nature and this already falls into the sphere of criminal matters,” AMLO said in his Wednesday morning press conference.

AMLO announced that in the first week of October, he will meet with SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) officials after being informed that there are at least 20 large national and foreign companies with an outstanding tax debt of around 100 billion peso. The names of those companies were not revealed.