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AMLO announces 30 billion peso plan to install Internet in the entire country

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has announced the investment of 30 billion peso in infrastructure and internet installation to bring the service to the entire country.

On Thursday, he said the government will meet with technicians.

“I am going to meet with workers in six regions of the country because we need to use the infrastructure, the fiber optics, all the transmission lines to place the equipment, to have the entire network and everything, including cell phones, will be guaranteed because it’s incredible that you can’t even talk on the phone in remote areas, only in the cities,” he explained.

Mexico’s López Obrador says his government will work so that those living in remote communities have access to the Internet.

“It is a revolution that they can have communication, access to the Internet because now, there is none. Although private companies are not going to cease to exist, we have to guarantee access,” he added.