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American woman crossing Mexican border with assault rifle magazines arrested

Sonora, Mexico — An American woman was arrested at the border Tuesday after Custom Agents found her with assault rifle magazines. The unidentified woman was taken into legal custody from the Customs Inspection area at the U.S. – Sonora border after an inspection of her vehicle.

According to a statement by Guardia Nacional, authroties arrested a woman “who intended to enter the country with 40 high-capacity magazines for assault rifles.”

Members of the National Guard (GN), in coordination with personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), detained the driver of a truck who intended to enter national territory with high-capacity magazines for assault rifles.

“Personnel from both institutions were carrying out crime prevention inspections at the Sonora customs office when they noticed a vehicle entering the self-declaration lane to undergo the inspection of the merchandise that was going to be introduced into the country. The vehicle was coming from the United States,” they reported.

“The driver, of American origin, was asked to prove the ownership and legal stay of the vehicle for which she showed the supporting documentation, but when carrying out an inspection of the merchandise to be declared, two suitcases were located that contained 26 high-capacity square magazines for 5.56 mm caliber rifles, 14 disc magazines for 7.62 mm caliber and four jars containing green, dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana,” they detailed in their statement.

The unnamed woman was taken into custody, while the vehicle and its illegal contents were seized.