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American pedestrian detained after customs finds $51,000 USD

Mexicali, Baja California — An American man has been arrested for failing to legally declare cash. The unnamed man was taken into custody by National Guard after customs located over $51,000 USD in a backpack.

The arrest was made from the pedestrian bridge at Mexicali, in Baja California. Officers from Agencia Nacional de Aduanas de México or National Customs Agency, located the money after he waked through the ‘nothing to declare’ lane of customs.

“The discovery was made in the pedestrian area of the International Line Checkpoint One in Mexicali where staff asked the man to place his backpack through the X-ray inspection from where agents detected several objects,” Guardia Nacional reported.

Inside the backpack they located 8,570 pesos and cellular equipment, as well as a computer and eleven transparent plastic envelopes with wads of bills of different denominations.

In total, Mexican Customs found $51,685 US dollars without the legal declaration. His items were sezied and he was arrested and since made available to the Agency of the Public Ministry of the Federation in Baja California.

“The National Guard and the National Customs Agency of Mexico reaffirm their commitment to fulfill the tasks entrusted to eradicate corruption and tax evasion,” they added in their statement.