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American fugitive arrested, deported from Cancun airport

Cancun, Q.R. — In a coordinated effort between US and Mexican authorities, an American fugitive has been arrested in Cancun.

Federal agents, in coordination with Agregado Adjunto en México of US Marshals, says they have detained a man of American nationality at the Cancun International Airport.

The man, identified as Omar Antonio N, was considered an American fugitive, wanted for escaping prison in the US on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Through a statement, federal authorities reported the arrest of Omar Antonio N, adding that with support of Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM), his illegal entry into the country was verified resulting in his arrest and deportation.

Omar Antonio N was transferred to Terminal 3 of the Cancun International Airport and placed on board an American Airlines flight bound for Dallas, Texas where he will be returned to federal prison.