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American arrested when caught attempting to smuggle cases of ammunition into Mexico

Nogales, Sonora — The Government of Mexico reports the arrest of an American who attempted to smuggle cases of ammunition into the country. The announcement of the arrest came Thursday after elements of the National Guard inspected a car that was involved in an accident. In the trunk of the car, officials discovered cases of heavy-caliber bullets.

The arrest was made at in the border area at Garita I Puerta México in Nogales, Sonora after authorities intercepted a car that entered Mexican territory, but tried to evade the inspection point. During his evasion attempt, his unfortunate driving skills saw him smash into the side of another car.

The Arizona-plated vehicle was then stopped and inspected, which is when federal troops discovered 13 cases of high-caliber bullets in the trunk. The American driver was taken into custody. His vehicle and bullets were seized.