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American arrested at Cancun International after causing commotion on Spanish flight

Cancun, Q.R. — Four off-duty Spanish police officers were credited with their part in subduing an unruly air passenger. The officers, who were travelling with their families at the time, were officially congratulated Tuesday.

The incident happened September 23 when an American man aboard a Madrid flight bound for Cancun became unruly. The man, who was allegedly drinking, was reported for repeatadly touching a flight stewardess and making threats to other crew and passengers including locking himself in the bathroom and starting a fire.

Two agents from the National Police and two from the Civil Guard, all of whom were off duty, restrained the 41-year-old passenger in the middle of the Cancun-bound flight.

On Tuesday, the National Police congratulated the agents who participated in restraining the American passenger at the request of the plane’s pilot. The man was restrained for the remainder of the flight with a security noose and plastic ties.

Iberostar Flight WFL2501 made its descend into Cancun International at which time the unnamed American man was arrested by three of Mexico’s National Guard.