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Aguakan starts new Cancun Hotel Zone drainage system project

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 140 meters of old drainage system used by 140,000 residents is being replaced in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Aguakan began the work June 4. The replacement of old pipes and relocation of a wastewater emitter is being done at Kilometer 11.5 and is expected to be finished in October.

“Aguakan begins the relocation of the wastewater collector and emitter at Km. 11.5 of the Hotel Zone of Cancun to improve service to more than 140,000 residents and tourists. The work will be carried out from June to October 2024,” Aguakan reported.

Responding to the growing demand for the service in the Cancun Hotel Zone and with the aim of keeping the infrastructure in optimal condition, Aguakan started the work to relocate the wastewater collector and emitter at Km. 11.5 of the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The project consists of the installation of more than 140 meters of 12 and 18 inch pipes which will connect to the new Pirámides Wastewater Tank. This measure is essential because the current network has reached the end of its useful life, requiring the installation of new infrastructure to ensure efficient service benefiting more than 140,000 residents, hotels and tourists who visit the area.

More than 140 meters of old pipe is being replaced. Photo: Aguakan

The work will be carried out from June to October 2024. During this period, there could be disruptions to the circulation of the downhill lane on the lagoon side at Km. 11.5 of Kukulcan Blvd.

Aguakan says they are working to minimize traffic inconvenience to the population, so there are the necessary precautionary signs, as well as adjustments to vehicular circulation , in coordination with the corresponding authorities.

Work is being carried out with the least traffic impact.

The infrastructure improvements will contribute to and improve the wastewater collection and transportation system to later lead to the corresponding treatment plants where the water will be cleaned and returned to the water table.