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A wannabe PDC criminal gang leader offers 18,000 a kill

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man who tried to form a criminal group under his command is being investigated. The man, identified as 32-year-old Barú “N”, was arrested in north Playa del Carmen September 22 on drug-related offences.

Since then, authorities have reported him as being the recruiter for a criminal group he intended to head in Playa del Carmen. Barú “N” was in the process of recruiting people from the State of Mexico, bringing them to Quintana Roo and settling them in Playa del Carmen from where they would work.

During a Monday morning press conference, FGE head Raciel López Saladar, explained that Barú “N” offered his recruited team salaries. For simply belonging to the group and selling illegal substances, he offered 800 pesos a week.

Those wishing to provide escort services were offered 3,500 a week, while hitmen were offered 18,000 a kill. They were also provided housing while living in Playa del Carmen.

As of now, Barú “N” has only been charged with drug-related offences. He was arrested in late September with another man, Saúl “N” after being found in possession of drugs and a firearm. After their arrests, authorities reported “the first investigations indicate that these people belong to a criminal group dedicated to extortion and drug dealing.”