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A joint Puerto Morelos operation sees five jailed after face off

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — In a joint operation, a group of five were detained by authorities in Puerto Morelos after a face off. Elements from the navy and national defense, along with police, fired back after an assault by the group of five.

The exchange of gunfire happened after Emergency 911 received a 7:29 p.m. report of armed people in the Puerto Madero subdivision of Puerto Morelos. When authorities arrive, they were met with gunfire.

A ground operation was deployed to locate those responsible, which lead to the arrest of 27-year-old JLSG, 32-year-old MRI, 15-year-old AMJ and 18-year-old MAGR. The first two detainees are from Sonora and the other two, from the state of Tabasco.

A fifth person, 20-year-old LPC from Quintana Roo, was eventually arrested. He was found injured at the shoulder by a firearm and was transferred to hospital for medical attention.

All five were taken into police custody. They were found in possession of marijuana, crack cocaine, weapons and ammo.